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Cross and Dove Hanging in SanctuarySince 1977 we have been serving God in Lake County. We desire to help people find a personal faith relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow in that faith through inspiring worship, relevant Bible study and hands-on ministry in our community. As a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church we are committed to living the Good News, participating in worldwide mission, and practicing an authentic Christian faith. Read More

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LCC Fun Nights are here!

On June 14, 2016

Water balloonsJune 15 is Water Night

One of the most common things to show up in scripture is water. From creation to the Red Sea, from baptism in the Jordan to fishing in Galilee, water is a huge part of our world. So, we’re going to play in it! With water balloon tosses and drip drip races, soggy William Tell and soaking sponge dodgeball, everyone can play in the water, whether you want to get wet or stay dry. We’ll have options for both.
*** If you’re willing to get wet, be sure to wear clothing that can get wet, just in case! ***

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It’s Time for Libertyville Days Again!

On June 8, 2016

Libertyville Days golf 2014As we talk this month about sharing our stories with those in our neighborhood and community, we’ve been preparing for another great event…

The 3rd Annual LCC Libertyville Days Booth!

On June 17 and 18, we will once again host a booth at Libertyville Days in downtown Libertyville.  Our purpose is to engage the community in conversation and open up chances to tell our stories.  With a putt-putt golf hole with prizes, pens and water to give away, a prayer table, and a shady and cool place for folk to rest their tired feet, we get hundreds of opportunities to hear and share stories with those walking by.  If you haven’t signed up for a shift, you can do so here.  Come and join us for a fun afternoon being God’s church in the community!

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The “Twice” Challenge

On May 27, 2016

Do you find it easy to talk with strangers, or even friends, about Jesus?  Few of us do.  And the primary reason is fear.  We all have the opportunities, and we all know we are called to it.  Jesus told us again and again to go and tell people about Him.  But it’s a scary thing to do.  So we are making it a whole lot easier.  Welcome to The Twice Challenge.  In a nutshell, the Twice Challenge is this…

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.00.58 AMStep 1)  Learn the story.
Step 2) Wear the shirt.
Step 3) Pray for the chance.
Step 4) Tell the story.

We are offering a simple story about a boy and his sailboat (click here for the story).  You can order a simple Tshirt for $5, but then you agree to wear it at least one day a week for the summer.  You pray all summer long that God will bring someone to ask you what your T-shirt means, and when they do, you tell them this story.  It’s simple, you don’t need “all the answers”, and doesn’t require you to initiate the conversation – we let God set that up.

So, if you’d like to be part of The Twice Challenge, click here for the sign up sheet.  But be warned: signing your name is a covenant to all four steps.  This year I’ve already told the story twice, once in Kohl’s and once on a bike path walk, just because I wore the shirt.  Commit today and just see what God has in store for you this summer!

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Summer Fun Nights

On May 18, 2016

summer is for ministryJoin us every Wed. night starting June 15 for our Summer Fun Nights.  Beginning with a potluck dinner at 5:30pm on the Hill (bring a side/salad/dessert to share), each night will have it’s own games and activities for everyone.  From our toddlers to our seasoned folk, everyone will have a place at the Summer Fun Nights.  There will be water balloons, game shows, concerts, olympic games, nature walks, bike riding, bocce and much more.  Here is a booklet with details about each night.  Hope to see you there!

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Sunday school for all ages

No Sunday school in the summer.
We’ll be back on  Sept. 11th!

Worship (with Nursery
and Children’s Church)

9:30am – 10:45am

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